by Anna Maria Wittkowsky

Europsy: ES-005949-201304 , Germany: BDP 56342, Spain: M-14589

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.



Psychotherapy is a space where you can find the guidance and information you need about what is worrying you, where you can express yourself freely without being judged, and with the certainty that everything that is revealed is completely confidential.

Online Psychotherapy can save time and travel, which is why it adapts easily to each person’s agenda. This is a clear advantage not only if you travel but also in the case of reduced mobility, distance or time constraints. And for someone, sometimes, it might just be easier online, to make the first move and tell personal difficulties or problems.

Our experience with online therapy is positive. You can apply the same methods online as offline, such as hypnosis, relaxation, guided affective imagery, EMDR.

In both, online or face-to-face therapy, professional skills, commitment and a good treatment lead to trust, closeness, safety and improvement. Physical distance in many situations can be overcome. Online therapy and face-to-face sessions can be combined.

However, the best option is evaluated during the first session. Online therapy is planned on an individual basis, just like offline therapy, and is subject to professional confidentiality.

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